Thursday, 1 November 2012


Hello, and welcome to my Weekend Garden Blog!

This is a branch-off from my original Knight N Daze blog, but since I decided to make a series out of it, to be updated in a weekendly-type manner, I thought it deserved its own place.

Every weekend, rain or shine, I'll do something to make our big back yard earn its keep. I like gardening, and I love seeing results. It's just another facet of my creative side that likes to come out and play. We're just heading into summer here in Auckland, New Zealand, so it's a great time to get started. For any Northern Hemisphere readers, you have the added advantage of six months' advance knowledge of how awesome my ideas are (or aren't - you never know with experimentation - but I'm pretty sure it'll be awesome) before implementing it into your own back garden, if that's what you feel like doing.

Or you can just laugh at my foibles. :)

Because we live in a rented property, and I don't expect to be living here long term (we have dreams of buying our own place) there needs to be some parameters for my wee project:
*It needs to be cheap. Since it's not long term, I might not have a couple of seasons for the garden to "pay me back" as it were. I want lots of good quality, fresh, healthy produce for better value than I can get from the store, ASAP.

*I need to be able to return the place to its original condition in a matter of weeks, if that's what's needed when we move out.

*I want all my long term projects to be portable. Fruit trees are fun, but leaving them behind is not, so if they won't go into a planter or pot, they can stay at the shop.

Also, I might spend a little more on my long term plans, since they are portable, but even then I'll try to do it for the lowest cost possible, because why wouldn't you?

I'll be reusing and recycling a fair bit too.

So follow along; we'd be pleased to have you! You can get updates on the regular Knight N Daze facebook page or twitter profile or by RSS feed, email or blogger from the links at the top on the right.

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